I attended one of Paul’s one day programs for Critical Incident Partners. As a former co-worker of Paul and Training Sergeant when Paul was in our Academy, I know he speaks from the heart and has the experience to know what helps Law Enforcement officers look out for each other in the aftermath of increasing critical incidents that face Law Enforcement Officers every day. It is heartening to see more and more agencies understand the fallout that can take place when Law Enforcement personnel are involved in critical incidents but have never prepared them to deal with the aftermath. This training is an important step and I hope more and more agencies take advantage of Paul’s experience and abilities.

~ Joe Durkin
Retired, Sergeant, Madison Police Department
MPPOA past president

As a Business Agent representing law enforcement Officers involved in critical incidents, I found the WELL Training to be right on target. The training provides attendees information related to the effects of stress associated with policing and traumatic events. The presentations include factual research, as well as personal insights. Based on my own training and experience as a retired officer, former training Lieutenant and Peer Support Program coordinator, WELL Training met and exceeded all of my expectations. The training offers benefits to Officers, Supervisors, managers, family, service providers and citizens.

~ Jerry Tomczak
Wisconsin Professional Police Association

A powerful presentation and pertinent to today’s policing

~ Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training Officer’s Association

“I” have attended 4 of Paul Smith’s and Dr. Christie Jackson’s seminars on W.E.L.L. Training ( wellness, education and life skills for LE), over the past 3 years.
I unfortunately have been involved in 2 Critical Incidents (officer involved shooting’s) since 2007. Each CI was completely different. One was while I was on patrol (suicidal person) and the other was a SWAT operation. Both of which had the same unfortunate endings with someone dying.

I have been in Law Enforcement for 29 years total. My very first fatal crash was 5 kids in a vehicle crash with a fast moving train. Picking up body pieces for the first fatal crash was very harsh. Needless to say, I have been involved in multiple CI since then.

I feel that this specialized program/training is a “MUST” for LE personnel. We are affected each and every day with bad things happening around us. The days of just “Sucking it up” are long gone in this profession. We are human just as everyone else is. “We all have RED blood” inside us.

By participating in this program, I have learned how to cope with the after math of CI I have been involved in. I highly recommend any LE personnel to attend this program, including Sheriff’s, Chief’s and other Administrator’s.

I want to thank both Paul and Christie for there hard dedicated work and greatly needed help with LE personnel.

~ Todd A. Endl
Deputy II. Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

I attended your Wellness training today at our training facility. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing for LE officers. The training today was so beneficial for everyone that attended. Plus it will extend to so many other people throughout their lives.

I have been involved in a critical incident while on the SWAT team and have been a critical incident partner to a SWAT member.
Like I mentioned today, it was a tough thing for me as a CIP (Critical Incident Partner), for many reasons. I am glad I attended your class today.

With the tools and skills you teach students, I believe deputies will be better prepared for what their role is as a CIP.

I wanted to speak up in class a few times today but I knew that I would get emotional. But, I want to thank you for today because I have realized that I have some unresolved emotions from the things I have experienced at work, as a CIP, and in my personal life. Because of that, I have decided to make an appt to see a therapist. AND, and I spoke with the deputy I was a CIP for and because of our great talk, he is going in for a follow up therapist appt very soon! :)

~ Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer

I attended WELL training in April of this year and am very glad I made the decision to do so. I have not been in a critical incident involving an on duty, officer involved shooting, however I have been very close to someone that had that experience. I wish I had the training then to know and understand better what they were experiencing. It would have made me a much better friend and source of support for that person. It would be beneficial for every law enforcement officer to have the opportunity to be a part of this initiative, both as someone who has been directly involved in a critical incident and as a critical incident partner. Thank you for what you are doing!

~ Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff

I attended your W.E.L.L. training in Dane County recently. I was SO impressed with what you and Dr. Jackson shared with the group. You speak with the knowledge of someone who has “been there, done that.” You’re story was gut-wrenching, but showed me that we CAN survive critical incidents. The key is in what lies BEFORE the incident – something that you and Dr. Jackson are passionate about sharing. The message was serious, but the atmosphere was fun and non-threatening. Your message is critical for ALL law enforcement officers to hear, preferably before they are involved in the incident that could change their careers and their lives. As someone who has been through several critical incidents in my career, I am amazed at how “on target” your information was. I am also so grateful that you are willing to relive the pain to help other officers. Thank you for your dedication to the law enforcement profession. Your message is so strong, so powerful, and so needed that I am working with my own agency to bring the same message home. My hope is that all of my co-workers will hear what you have to say in the very near future. Again, thank you and hopefully I’ll see you soon in my own agency.

~ Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer